Jello Packages

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Installing Jello

You can install jello via pip, via OS Package Repository, MSI installer for Windows, or by downloading the correct binary for your architecture and running it anywhere on your filesystem.

Pip (macOS, linux, unix, Windows)

For the most up-to-date version and the most cross-platform option, use pip or pip3 to download and install jello directly from PyPi:


pip3 install jello

OS Packages

Packaging status

MSI Installer (Windows 2016+)

The MSI Installer packages for Windows are built from PyPi and can be installed on modern versions of Windows. These installers may not always be on the very latest jello version, but are regularly updated.

Version File SHA256 Hash
1.4.0 jello-1.4.0.msi 7021241155e162b4f3f951d51dd8c2625b4f43ac6899648a266107c571f41bfb
1.3.6 jello-1.3.6.msi 1d0919eb7277c04d15480a782b7f65438855f3556497e7c31f11154a081610ad
1.3.3 jello-1.3.3.msi 27ab9c84278cca966af8292e0118d9fc54807f54f2b057f7a99b6ac0ef6c6b28
1.2.11 jello-1.2.11.msi 08da1c91e5d1930542529473350dc10ffc3d4adf5c06cc365c333663ac82a8fc

Binaries (x86_64)

Linux and macOS x86_64 binaries are built from PyPi and can be copied to any location in your path and run. These binaries may not always be on the very latest jello version, but are regularly updated.

Linux (Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu)

Version File SHA256 Hash (binary file)
1.4.0 jello-1.4.0-linux.tar.gz ea97482bee7112e77c27023014e640dfd942991719cec38116cf3905f679b874
1.3.6 jello-1.3.6-linux.tar.gz 73915541c1985c259d2ceed5f7ade109b156da4ff59f7af0a3c0298057884884
1.3.3 jello-1.3.3-linux.tar.gz ac27dd672de794ec26477994d40ff4d060537691f3ca6eafd84c2ab2bf1470ca
1.2.9 jello-1.2.9-linux.tar.gz ffe8dfe2cc1dc446aeade32078db654de604176976be5dee89f83f0049551c45

macOS (Mojave and higher)

Version File SHA256 Hash (binary file)
1.4.0 jello-1.4.0-darwin.tar.gz 56f94e08524be8aecc66a91b6886df09b1dc7089755c8d4f7bdca3ba088fa413
1.3.6 jello-1.3.6-darwin.tar.gz acb9c04a7a7e32e10cff83b6f2ff06407fae7172d6ff633bb3221487763c5521
1.3.3 jello-1.3.3-darwin.tar.gz c5fa3c08960d2e11a6bbab9755a1b3b42897526b3e2b5bc49f686b59704d9ed8
1.2.9 jello-1.2.9-darwin.tar.gz 9355bf19212cce60f5f592a1a778fdf26984f4b86968ceca2a3e99792c258037