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jc - JSON Convert pidstat -H command output streaming parser

This streaming parser outputs JSON Lines (cli) or returns an Iterable of Dictionaries (module)

Must use the -H (or -h, if -H is not available) option in pidstat. All other pidstat options are supported in combination with this option.

Usage (cli):

$ pidstat -H | jc --pidstat-s

Note: When piping jc converted pidstat output to other processes it may appear the output is hanging due to the OS pipe buffers. This is because pidstat output is too small to quickly fill up the buffer. Use the -u option to unbuffer the jc output if you would like immediate output. See the readme for more information.

Usage (module):

import jc

result = jc.parse('pidstat_s', pidstat_command_output.splitlines())
for item in result:
    # do something


  "time":             integer,
  "uid":              integer,
  "pid":              integer,
  "percent_usr":      float,
  "percent_system":   float,
  "percent_guest":    float,
  "percent_wait":     float,
  "percent_cpu":      float,
  "cpu":              integer,
  "minflt_s":         float,
  "majflt_s":         float,
  "vsz":              integer,
  "rss":              integer,
  "percent_mem":      float,
  "stksize":          integer,
  "stkref":           integer,
  "kb_rd_s":          float,
  "kb_wr_s":          float,
  "kb_ccwr_s":        float,
  "cswch_s":          float,
  "nvcswch_s":        float,
  "usr_ms":           integer,
  "system_ms":        integer,
  "guest_ms":         integer,
  "command":          string,

  # below object only exists if using -qq or ignore_exceptions=True
  "_jc_meta": {
    "success":        boolean,     # false if error parsing
    "error":          string,      # exists if "success" is false
    "line":           string       # exists if "success" is false


$ pidstat -Hl | jc --pidstat-s

$ pidstat -Hl | jc --pidstat-s -r


def parse(data: Iterable[str],
          raw: bool = False,
          quiet: bool = False,
          ignore_exceptions: bool = False) -> Union[Iterable[Dict], tuple]

Main text parsing generator function. Returns an iterable object.


data:              (iterable)  line-based text data to parse
                               (e.g. sys.stdin or str.splitlines())

raw:               (boolean)   unprocessed output if True
quiet:             (boolean)   suppress warning messages if True
ignore_exceptions: (boolean)   ignore parsing exceptions if True


Iterable of Dictionaries

Parser Information

Compatibility: linux

Source: jc/parsers/

Version 1.2 by Kelly Brazil (