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jc - JSON Convert Key/Value file and string parser

Supports files containing simple key/value pairs.

Note: Values starting and ending with quotation marks will have the marks removed. If you would like to keep the quotation marks, use the -r command-line argument or the raw=True argument in parse().

Usage (cli):

$ cat foo.txt | jc --kv

Usage (module):

import jc
result = jc.parse('kv', kv_file_output)


Key/Value document converted to a dictionary - see the python configparser standard library documentation for more details.

  "key1":       string,
  "key2":       string


$ cat keyvalue.txt
# this file contains key/value pairs
name = John Doe
address=555 California Drive
age: 34

; comments can include # or ;
# delimiter can be = or :
# quoted values have quotation marks stripped by default
# but can be preserved with the -r argument

$ cat keyvalue.txt | jc --kv -p
  "name": "John Doe",
  "address": "555 California Drive",
  "age": "34",
  "occupation": "Engineer"


def parse(data, raw=False, quiet=False)

Main text parsing function


data:        (string)  text data to parse
raw:         (boolean) unprocessed output if True
quiet:       (boolean) suppress warning messages if True


Dictionary representing a Key/Value pair document.

Parser Information

Compatibility: linux, darwin, cygwin, win32, aix, freebsd

Source: jc/parsers/

Version 2.1 by Kelly Brazil (