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jc - JSON Convert csv file streaming parser

This streaming parser outputs JSON Lines (cli) or returns an Iterable of Dictionaries (module)

The csv streaming parser will attempt to automatically detect the delimiter character. If the delimiter cannot be detected it will default to comma. The first row of the file must be a header row.

Note: The first 100 rows are read into memory to enable delimiter detection, then the rest of the rows are loaded lazily.

Usage (cli):

$ cat file.csv | jc --csv-s

Usage (module):

import jc

result = jc.parse('csv_s', csv_output.splitlines())
for item in result:
    # do something


CSV file converted to a Dictionary:

  "column_name1":     string,
  "column_name2":     string,

  # below object only exists if using -qq or ignore_exceptions=True
  "_jc_meta": {
    "success":        boolean,     # false if error parsing
    "error":          string,      # exists if "success" is false
    "line":           string       # exists if "success" is false


$ cat homes.csv
"Sell", "List", "Living", "Rooms", "Beds", "Baths", "Age", "Acres"...
142, 160, 28, 10, 5, 3,  60, 0.28,  3167
175, 180, 18,  8, 4, 1,  12, 0.43,  4033
129, 132, 13,  6, 3, 1,  41, 0.33,  1471

$ cat homes.csv | jc --csv-s


def parse(data, raw=False, quiet=False, ignore_exceptions=False)

Main text parsing generator function. Returns an iterable object.


data:              (iterable)  line-based text data to parse
                               (e.g. sys.stdin or str.splitlines())

raw:               (boolean)   unprocessed output if True
quiet:             (boolean)   suppress warning messages if True
ignore_exceptions: (boolean)   ignore parsing exceptions if True


Iterable of Dictionaries

Parser Information

Compatibility: linux, darwin, cygwin, win32, aix, freebsd

Version 1.4 by Kelly Brazil (