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jc - JSON Convert CEF string parser

This parser conforms to the Microfocus Arcsight CEF specification.

This parser will accept a single CEF string or multiple CEF string lines. Any text before "CEF" will be ignored. Syslog and CEF escaped characters (\\, \\", \\], \\|, \\=, \\%, \\#, \\n, and \\r) are unescaped.

Extended fields, as defined in the CEF specification, are relabeled and the values are converted to their respective types. Extra naive and UTC epoch timestamps are added where appropriate per the CEF specification.

A warning message to STDERR will be printed if an unparsable line is found unless --quiet or quiet=True is used.

To preserve escaping and original keynames and to prevent type conversions use the --raw CLI option or raw=True param in the parse() function.

Usage (cli):

$ echo 'CEF:0|Vendor|Product|3.2.0|1|SYSTEM|1|... | jc --cef

Usage (module):

import jc
result = jc.parse('cef', cef_string_output)



Note: Special characters in key names will be converted to underscores.

    "deviceVendor":                   string,
    "deviceProduct":                  string,
    "deviceVersion":                  string,
    "deviceEventClassId":             string,
    "deviceEventClassIdNum":          integer/null,
    "name":                           string,
    "agentSeverity":                  string/integer,
    "agentSeverityString":            string,
    "agentSeverityNum":               integer/null,
    "CEFVersion":                     integer,
    <extended fields>                 string/integer/float,  # [0]
    <extended fields>"_epoch":        integer/null,  # [1]
    <extended fields>"_epoch_utc":    integer/null,  # [2]
    <custom fields>                   string,
    "unparsable":                     string  # [3]

[0] Will attempt to convert extended fields to the type specified in the
    CEF specification. If conversion fails, then the field will remain
    a string.
[1] Naive calculated epoch timestamp
[2] Timezone-aware calculated epoch timestamp. (UTC only) This value
    will be null if a UTC timezone cannot be extracted from the original
    timestamp string value.
[3] This field exists if the CEF line is not parsable. The value
    is the original syslog line.


$ cat cef.log | jc --cef -p
    "deviceVendor": "Trend Micro",
    "deviceProduct": "Deep Security Agent",
    "deviceVersion": "<DSA version>",
    "deviceEventClassId": "4000000",
    "name": "Eicar_test_file",
    "agentSeverity": 6,
    "CEFVersion": 0,
    "dvchost": "hostname",
    "string": "hello \"world\"!",
    "start": "Nov 08 2020 12:30:00.111 UTC",
    "start_epoch": 1604867400,
    "start_epoch_utc": 1604838600,
    "Host_ID": 1,
    "Quarantine": 205,
    "myDate": "Nov 08 2022 12:30:00.111",
    "myDate_epoch": 1667939400,
    "myDate_epoch_utc": null,
    "myFloat": 3.14,
    "deviceEventClassIdNum": 4000000,
    "agentSeverityString": "Medium",
    "agentSeverityNum": 6

$ cat cef.log | jc --cef -p -r
    "deviceVendor": "Trend Micro",
    "deviceProduct": "Deep Security Agent",
    "deviceVersion": "<DSA version>",
    "deviceEventClassId": "4000000",
    "name": "Eicar_test_file",
    "agentSeverity": "6",
    "CEFVersion": "0",
    "cn1": "1",
    "cn1Label": "Host ID",
    "dvchost": "hostname",
    "cn2": "205",
    "cn2Label": "Quarantine",
    "string": "hello \\\"world\\\"!",
    "start": "Nov 08 2020 12:30:00.111 UTC",
    "deviceCustomDate1": "Nov 08 2022 12:30:00.111",
    "deviceCustomDate1Label": "myDate",
    "cfp1": "3.14",
    "cfp1Label": "myFloat"


def parse(data: str, raw: bool = False, quiet: bool = False) -> List[Dict]

Main text parsing function


data:        (string)  text data to parse
raw:         (boolean) unprocessed output if True
quiet:       (boolean) suppress warning messages if True


List of Dictionaries. Raw or processed structured data.

Parser Information

Compatibility: linux, darwin, cygwin, win32, aix, freebsd

Version 1.0 by Kelly Brazil (